These are the Words, the Words of the Sages, of the Way of Life. Read the words of the sages, meditate upon the deeds, thoughts, and attitudes of the upright.
Get ready to read the scriptures.
Preparing mind....
Blocking sacrilegious thoughts
Deleting perverse ideation, reverting and preventing corrupt ideas
Ceasing all corporeal motion
Elevating mind to esoteric level of sanctity
Now, click here to begin your journey through righteousness. FOCUS ON NOTHING BUT THE WORDS YOU READ!
From this point forth, no decorative CSS or HTML will be used in the pages you read, nor will you be permitted to submit comments, nor will the rules of proper HTML be followed You will be reintroduced to concepts you think you already understand and you will be compelled to RETHINK, RELEARN, REKNOW EVERYTHING YOU THINK YOU KNOW. YOUR MIND WILL SHAKE AND TREMBLE IN THE NAME OF TRUTH