What is True Justice?

good, evil, reward and punishment, forgiveness and compassion

Justice is a significant concept in moral philosophy (ethics) closely related to concepts of fairness and morality. It means fairness, righteousness, conformity to moral law. The concept of justice is considered extensively in AiShao, believed to be the way of righteousness for all people.

How is Justice Defined in Aishao?

O creatures of the earth, be ye just unto all your fellows: treat them as beings worthy of beingness, consider their needs before your own, help them in their struggles, strive for rectitude with them in peace before war, love them with the holy love of God. (Book of Common Justice, by the sage Aiy)

In the scriptures, justice is defined as a way of thought, an emotion, and a continual action that benefits and uplifts people and brings them peace. It is inherently theocentric and anthropocentric, caring for both God and humanity. Justice is more than the criminal-penal system.

But if one harasses you and degrades you to a cockroach to be trampled, and if one treats you without mercy, without relent, and if one throws you off as garbage and burns you in the Fire, do not retaliate, but rather be beneficent unto them.