varsetanik Zekaiseivarsei

Brief Introduction to the Language | Essentials for speaking and writing the language | The Dictionary

You should probably learn some of the grammar, so here it is.

I hereby present to you the grammar.

Alai! (Welcome!)

Welcome to the second website for varsetanik Zekaiseivarsei (the dictionary for the Zekaise language). Here you can learn how to speak, write, and use the Zekaisei language as well as its grammar. Essential vocabulary

Here are some words and phrases you should know for general conversation.


To acknowledge a person's presence

Ala! Hello!

Mave bune! Good-bye! (I leave)

Mavu bune! Good-bye! (YOU leave)

Sol bune! Good morning! Good day!

Stisol bune! Good (after)noon!

Nakt bune! Good night!

To inquire of a person's current state  In general, but mostly emotion and perception of health

Ves zeu?

Ze bune: I am fine/well

Ze suwe: I am well (in good health)

Ze juve: I am happy

Ze daunche: I am feeling bad.

Ze tiahe: I am mad.

Ze kuve: I am sad.


Aja zu aabelei ma? How are you your health?

Belili ye aabelei. I am well, in good health.

Aqe ye aabelei. I am sick, in bad health.